New technologies - very high-speed Internet gaining ground

According to the telecoms report by the Luxembourg Regulatory Institute (Institut luxembourgeois de régulation, ILR), subscriptions for fixed very high-speed Internet and mobile Internet traffic are very popular at the moment.

22-internetIn the Grand Duchy, the number of subscriptions for fixed very high-speed Internet (more than 30Mbps) increased by 24.9% last year, reaching a figure of 109,200. This means that very high-speed access has overtaken high-speed access. Mobile Internet traffic reached a new record level of 16,844.2 terabytes - explosive growth of 42% between 2015 and 2016, according to the ILR 2016 report on telecoms statistics for the Grand Duchy.

This is a good demonstration that the population of the Grand Duchy is increasingly taking advantage of a level of connectivity that is one of the best in Europe. In the Grand Duchy, very high-speed coverage is 100% and 4G (LTE) coverage is 95% - well above the average for the European Union overall.

Landline telephones are on the decline

Up to the end of 2016, optic fibre network coverage increased by 9%; it now covers 51% of households and premises. Optic-fibre access and subscriptions at more than 100 Mbps are increasingly popular: fibre access has leaped forward by 32.6%, the number of subscriptions at a speed of at least 100 Mbps has increased by 58.2%, currently representing 19% of the total sale of subscriptions for fixed Internet access.

The opposite trend can be seen for the number of conventional telephone connections (analogue and ISDN), which has fallen sharply (28,090 fewer - i.e. -14.9% - in the space of one year). In contrast, the number of landline telephones using IP continues to increase - an extra 28,550 units brings the number up to 97,860 connections. This means that the number of landline connections has remained more or less stable, although the number of minutes of landline communication continues to fall each year.

(article written by the editorial team of the portal luxembourg.lu)
  • Updated 24-08-2017