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Online dictionaries

Lëtzebuerger Online Dictionnaire (LOD)

Languages: Luxembourgish, German, English, French, Portuguese

The Lëtzebuerger Online Dictionnaire (LOD), a project instigated by the Ministry of Culture, is a multilingual dictionary giving words in Luxembourgish together with their translations into German, French, English and Portuguese. Word usage is illustrated by examples in Luxembourgish.

Relevant grammatical information and possible synonyms complement semantic and lexical information. It is also possible to display a conjugation table for each verb and a declension table for each adjective.

Other online dictionaries

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Online lists of place names in the Grand Duchy

Find the names of places in the Grand Duchy in Luxembourgish, German, French, and English on the website of the Grand Ducal Institute.

Online spellcheckers

Write Luxembourgish flawlessly with Spellchecker. Both can be downloaded free of charge.

Textbooks of grammar and spelling in Luxembourgish



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