Where can you find information?

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is your ideal gateway to the European market of over 500 million consumers. Are you interested in investing in Luxembourg as an economic actor?

Then www.investinluxembourg.lu is your best source of information. The website is managed by Luxembourg for Business and Innovation, the Grand Duchy's agency for the promotion of foreign trade.

Here, you will find all you need to know about the advantages Luxembourg has to offer (Why Luxembourg?) and get to know the different economic sectors in which the Grand Duchy is active. If you intend to create your own company, this website lists the different steps (work permit, constitution and registration of the company, reporting to the tax authorities, declaration of entry at the Social Security). It also presents the Grand Duchy's international network, which is helpful in advising potential foreign investors. Numerous publications and a list of contacts are also supplied here.

For those who have already chosen Luxembourg or who have already settled in the Grand Duchy, www.guichet.lu, the administrative guide of the Luxembourg state with its Business Portal is a resourceful guide for any administrative procedure, from the creation of a company to its day-to-day management.

  • Updated 10-05-2017