Parliamentary Elections

The elections for the Chamber of Deputies are on the basis of direct universal suffrage in order to designate the 60 members (23 for the southern constituency, 7 for the eastern, 21 for the central and 9 for the northern), which, in Luxembourg's unicameral system, make up the national parliament.

Elections are held using a system of proportional representation. For each of the four constituencies, the political groups must draw up lists of candidates; their number may not exceed the number of MPs to be elected in that constituency.

The number of seats is calculated according to the rules of proportional representation and the principle of the smallest electoral quotient.

Parliamentary elections automatically take place every five years. The last parliamentary elections in the Grand Duchy were held on 20 October 2013.

Official website for elections in the Grand Duchy — the official website for elections in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg — provides information on the results of parliamentary elections since 1994.

On election days (parliamentary, municipal and European), the site provides live coverage of the results for each constituency, municipality and party. With its clear, user-friendly interface, the site at provides information on the breakdown of voting and seats, and makes it possible to simulate coalitions, or make comparisons against the results of the 2009 elections. can be accessed on any electronic device (PC, tablet or smartphone).

  • Updated 28-04-2015