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Higher education

The University of Luxembourg

The University of Luxembourg is a mulitilingual, international university, strongly focused on research.

It consists of three faculties:

  1. the Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication (campus Kirchberg),
  2. the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance (campus Limpertsberg),
  3. and the Faculty of Language and Literature, Humanities, Arts and Education (campus Walferdange).

Furthermore, the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust and the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine are attached to the university.

The university education cycle is structured along the criteria defined by the Bologna process. This means that it consists of three levels - Bachelor, Master’s and PhD - with a focus on the acquisition of a Master’s degree after 5 years of study.

The programmes take into account the multinational student body. Lectures are held in German, French or English, which makes the University of Luxembourg one of the few in the world to be multilingual.

Special attention is given to research which focuses on particularly promising areas. The academic staff members come from all around the world and work in interdisciplinary teams. The university wants to serve the society and economy of Luxembourg as a place of reflection. Research is implemented through projects conducted by virtue of agreements made with institutions, organizations, companies and national or international research establishments.

The University of Luxembourg puts a lot of effort into promoting international cooperation. Agreements have been made with partner universities in 14 countries worldwide, including Canada, China, Russia and the United States. These so-called Framework Agreements cover student exchange, researcher exchange and international cooperation on research projects.

Study abroad is widely encouraged and practiced – undergraduates are supposed to spend one term abroad. Luxembourg students often profit from their multilingual background to complete their studies abroad after having started their studies in Luxembourg. Many continue their studies in European countries with the support of the EU’s Erasmus exchange programme.

Furthermore, the university is pleased to attract foreign students to Luxembourg. To that end, the university acquired accommodation that offers residents best housing and working conditions as well as a multicultural environment, in order to improve the quality of their life in our country and help them complete their studies successfully.

Luxembourg students as well as students from the EU and other countries are entitled to financial aid, under certain conditions, from the Documentation and Information Centre on Higher Education (Cedies). Financial aid may consist of a grant, deposited by the State on a personal account of the student, and a loan at an interest rate of 2% during the university education cycle. The maximal amount to which any student may be eligible is 16,700€ p.a., depending on the student’s financial situation. This includes a maximum of 3,700€ for inscription fees.

Furthermore, students may benefit from an Erasmus grant and/or grants from their home countries.

The Luxembourg School of Finance

The Luxembourg School of Finance (LSF) is the Department of Finance of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance of the University of Luxembourg. LSF’s mission is to offer a post-graduate education and to promote research in the areas of banking and finance. Since October 2005, LSF has been running a one-year Master of Science (MSc) in Banking and Finance for professionals from the financial centre. A permanent research programme in the areas of asset and risk management, fund industry, behavioural finance, law and finance, and quantitative finance was set up at the end of 2005.

Foreign universities

Miami University John E. Dolibois Center (MUDEC) is an overseas campus of the Miami University. It is located in Differdange, in the south of Luxembourg. Currently, 120-130 students per semester are enrolled in its classes. The main focus lies on students coming from abroad in order to experience and understand European cultures. Thus, focus is on interdisciplinary work in a variety of fields. The Faculty is international; most staff members come from the United States, but it also includes lecturers from European countries. Classes are mainly taught in English, although some are taught in French or German.

Sacred Heart University is represented in Luxembourg through the John F. Welch College of Business, which was founded in 1991 and is located in the Chamber of Commerce building in Luxembourg City. It offers graduate classes to acquire a Master of Business Administration (MBA) or a programme leading to 4 certificates relating to management skills and competencies. Students come from all over the world to experience the applied and experiential learning.


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