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Finding a job

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National Employment Administration
10, rue Bender
L-1229 - Luxembourg
Phone:(+352) 24 78 53 00
Fax: (+352) 40 61 40

Where to find job offers

To find your first or a new job in Luxembourg, it is helpful to register as a job seeker with the National Employment Administration (ADEM).

Job seekers are assisted and guided by an “adviser-recruiter”, who helps them finding a job. Job seekers have access to certain ADEM tools and services, including the possibility to consult job offers, a right to social protection (affiliation to health insurance) and unemployment benefits (receiving unemployment benefits is linked to conditions).

Individuals who wish to move to Luxembourg can only register as job seekers if they fulfil the following conditions:

  • be domiciled in Luxembourg,
  • have a Social Security number,
  • fulfil the conditions for exercising a professional activity in Luxembourg (be in possession of a residence permit),
  • be available for work and be willing to accept any appropriate job.

ADEM has five branches, situated in Luxembourg, Esch-sur-Alzette, Differdange, Diekirch and Wiltz.

People looking for a job should register at the branch covering the region where they live. When registering, they need to present a valid passport and residence permit at the reception desk. After filling out a questionnaire, they are given an appointment with an adviser-recruiter. Registration as a job seeker is completed after the first interview with an adviser-recruiter.

Once registered, job seekers can benefit from all of ADEM’s services, but they also have to fulfil obligations, determined by the agreement signed while registering. These obligations include that the job seeker must actively search for a job and make an effort to find work as quickly as possible. It is compulsory to respond to any invitation or job interview arranged for by ADEM. Appointments with the ADEM adviser-recruiter must be met.

Jobs are generally advertised:

Temporary work and interim work

A list of employment agencies is available online.You may either register at the agency in person or via mail. Please provide a CV, photo and photocopy of your identity card.


Many companies in Luxembourg offer internships to students. On, students from the University of Luxembourg have created a portal to bring companies and students together.

One important aspect to watch out for is social security coverage. Most interns still studying will be covered by the health insurance policy of their parents. Otherwise, the employer has to make sure that the intern is covered by health insurance or social security, depending on the length of the internship, and whether it is mandatory or voluntary.