Start your own business

The idea of becoming your own boss can be tempting. Setting up a business project is, however, a process that requires careful planning. In the Grand Duchy, there are several institutions and websites to guide you in your efforts, namely the Business Portal at, the Chamber of Commerce (Chambre de Commerce), the Chamber of Trades (Chambre des Métiers) and Luxinnovation., the online contact point for individuals and businesses

The Business Portal at provides you with the necessary information and guides you through the administrative procedures for setting up a business.

In its pages on 'Starting up & Development', the Business Portal outlines the various steps and procedures to follow. It is a go-to tool for anyone setting up a business. It suggests matters to consider before starting a business and provides specific information on access to professions / business permits;

  • legal forms of businesses;
  • setting up and registering a business;
  • initial declarations with the tax authorities and the social security administration


myStart is a joint platform of the Luxembourg Government, the Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Trades and their partners. Its aim is to assist you in setting up your own business or taking over and developing an existing business.

myStart suggests initiatives that will assist you in designing your business plan and guides you through the administrative procedures, so that you can focus on what is essential: your business.

Starting a commercial activity or becoming a service provider

The department for starting up and developing businesses at the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce promotes entrepreneurship in the Grand Duchy by means of campaigns to increase awareness of, and active support for, business creation projects. The Chamber of Commerce represents all economic players except craftsmen and members of the liberal professions who are self-employed or subject to an authorisation other than that granted by the General Directorate of Small and Medium-Sized Companies and Entrepreneurship at the Ministry of the Economy.

The 'Espace Entreprises' is the physical one-stop shop of the Chamber of Commerce. The range of services provided free of charge includes:

  • advice and assistance on business permits, public grants and funding;
  • advice and assistance on transfers of businesses;
  • advice on labour law for individuals, social insurance law, competition law, company law and commercial law, as well as direct and indirect taxation.

Starting a craft activity

The 'Business contact' team at the Chamber of Trades and provides help to entrepreneurs and craftsmen starting up a business or already working. The advice and assistance services offered are free and it is not necessary to be affiliated to the Chamber of Trades to benefit from them.

  • For more information, see the 'Ma Création d'Entreprise' (setting up my business) page on the website of the Chamber of Trades.

Starting up an innovative business

Luxinnovation, the National Agency for the Promotion of Innovation and Research, provides a one-stop shop for the creation of innovative businesses. The agency provides information for those establishing innovative businesses with regard to financing, administrative formalities, premises (business incubators) and ways of finding partners.

More information available at:

The 'S.à.r.l.-S' company (simplified limited liability company)

The S.à.r.l.-S company was introduced in January 2017. It enables entrepreneurs wanting to set up a business in the Grand Duchy to do so with company capital of as little as one euro, up to a maximum of 12,000 euros. It differs from the conventional S.à.r.l. company in several ways, including for example the fact that it may be set up by private deed. It also differs from self-employment, previously the only scheme available for start-up capital of less than 12,000 euros, since it dissociates business assets from the entrepreneur's own assets.

  • More information about this type of company is available on the websites of the House of Entrepreneurship or the Chamber of Commerce; you can also consult the Brochure.  
  • Updated 11-05-2017