Public holidays

The official public holidays are New Year’s Day, Easter Monday, 1 May ( Labour Day), Ascension Day, Whit Monday, the Luxembourg National Day (public celebration of the Grand Duke’s birthday), Assumption, All Saints Day, Christmas Day and the second day of Christmas (Saint Etienne – Boxing Day).

Carnival Monday and Kermesse (Annual Summer Fair) Monday are customary holidays.

The list of holidays and school vacations can be viewed on the website of the Ministry of National Education.

The list of bank holidays can be viewed on the website of the ABBL, the Luxembourg Bankers' Association.

Public holidays
Public holiday20152016
New Year 1 January (Thursday) 1 January (Friday)

Easter Monday

6 April 28 March
Mayday 1 May (Friday) 1 May (Sunday)
Ascension Day 14 May (Thursday) 5 May (Thursday)
Whit Monday 25 Mai 16 May
Grand Duke's Birthday 23 June (Tuesday) 23 June (Thursday)
Assumption 15 August (Saturday) 15 August (Monday)
All Saints 1 November (Sunday) 1 November (Tuesday)
Christmas Day 25 December (Friday) 25 December (Sunday)
Boxing Day 26 December (Saturday) 26 December (Monday)


  • Updated 14-03-2016