Key figures

More than two-thirds of the people who live in the Grand Duchy (70.8%) own their own home, but for people close to the poverty line the figure is only 42.8%. About 43% of the people who live in the Grand Duchy live in households paying a mortgage, compared with an average of just 28% in the euro zone. About 14% of Luxembourgish nationals rent their homes, compared with 50% of the foreigners living in the Grand Duchy. These figures are taken from a study published by STATEC in December 2014.

2.7% of the people who live in the Grand Duchy do not pay rent, since they receive housing assistance.

Another peculiarity of the property market in the Grand Duchy is that, of the 130,091 homes in existence on 1 February 2011, according to the population census in the same year, single-family homes accounted for no fewer than 83.5%.

Moreover, the level of comfort of housing in the Grand Duchy is relatively high. According to the study entitled 'Vivre au Luxembourg' (Living in Luxembourg), conducted in 2008 by the Centre for Population, Poverty and Public Policy Studies (Centre d’Etudes de Populations, de Pauvreté et de Politiques Socio-Economiques, CEPS/Instead), 43% of households reported enjoying ‘optimal’ comfort in 2008. By way of comparison, only 33% were of that opinion in 2003.

Again in 2008, 79% of households felt that the size of their accommodation was suitable for their needs. And only 5% of respondents indicated that they encountered health problems in their apartments or homes. However, so far as living in comfort is concerned, there is a considerable difference between the opinions of owners and those of tenants: in the CEPS/Instead study, 47% of owners indicated that they had no housing problems, compared with 34% of tenants.

  • Updated 27-04-2015