Telephony and Internet

Bear in mind that some operators offer an overall package covering landline telephones, access to the Internet, TV and mobile telephones.

Landline telephones

A residential customer can choose between connection to a standard analogue line or to an ISDN line and, since September 2011, to very high-speed Internet access, including telephone service.

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Mobile phones

In Luxembourg, four mobile phone operators are active. Mobile telephone numbers begin with 621, 691 or 661 and comprise 9 digits.

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The Grand Duchy is noted for its very high quality digital communications infrastructures and excellent connectivity.

Internet access is possible using an ordinary modem if you have an analogue line, but access to the web is slow. An ADSL connection is preferable, allowing you to use a telephone and access the Internet at the same time.

Alternatively, a Wi-Fi installation allows high-speed wireless Internet access throughout your house. HotCity is the largest Wi-Fi network in the Grand Duchy; Luxembourg City, Esch-sur-Alzette and a good number of other towns use it to provide Wi-Fi access for residents and visitors. It allows access to the Internet and to certain web services provided by municipalities.

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  • Updated 27-09-2016